As home builders we can build you a custom home on a sloped block

Many sloped blocks on the Gold Coast offer great views, which mean these types of blocks are often sought after. Consequently, a great view usually comes with practical factors you should consider such as having a steep driveway and pushing a mower up/down slopes every time you mow your lawns.

Building a house on a sloped block can present a few design challenges that may make choosing a spec home or a display home impractical or even unworkable.

The first challenge is to utilise the land for practical use and for the best aesthetics. This means understanding how you wish your landscaping to play a part in your home, your size requirements for a front yard, side yard, and backyard, and whether you need or want access to the back yard for a boat or caravan.

A well-designed house means having a home that supports your lifestyle and accommodates your household in a comfortable manner. Considerations for the exterior of the house such as out-door living areas, car spaces, and swimming pools can all affect the final design of the home.

Sloping land requires failsafe waterproofing for lower levels. As home builders, we make sure you get a design that is perfect for your household as well as for the size, shape, and slope of the land it will be built on.

Home builders for sloped blocks

We can help you design a home that will accommodate your needs both now and for the future. Building a new home can be exciting and stressful as there’s so much to do and consider.

We are experienced home builders and can help you design your ideal home and make sure it is a good fit for your sloping block of land.

Bring your ideas to us and we’ll help you turn them into your dream home.