House extensions can grow your home to suit your growing family

There are many reasons you may consider an adding an extension to your existing Gold Coast home rather than moving to a new house. Legal fees, stamp duty and other buying/selling related costs can quickly mount up to tens of thousands of dollars. If it’s simply more space you need, a house extension can be an economical way to achieve it.

House extensions are versatile meaning you can usually build up if you don’t have enough land to build out. At Rycol, we are experienced builders and we can help you come up with a design that will work perfectly for your home and your household and lifestyle. We are creative thinkers when it comes to design, so we can help you achieve the outcome you want in a style you’ll love. We can also take care of any necessary paperwork concerning council building permits.

The benefits of house extensions

An extra bedroom or living room can make all the difference to your family’s comfort and lifestyle. If your family has outgrown the home you originally bought and you need some more space, consider adding a new room or two to your existing home. A house extension could also be used for adding a garage, carport, or even an outdoor area.

House extensions mean not having to uproot your family to new schools and make new social groups. If you love where you live and it has all the amenities your household needs, why not simply add some space to your home. An extension can add significant value to your home as well, giving you more equity and a better resale value.

No matter what size home you currently own and want you would like to add, we can almost certainly help you achieve it. Call us to discuss your dream house and we’ll be able to give you a free cost estimate and some ideas on how we can build it for you.