Why you should choose us for concrete constructions

There are several practical advantages for building using concrete, however the most common reason people choose this material for their home is for aesthetics. Concrete constructions have a clean and modern look that blends in well with virtually any setting, whether it’s bushland, ocean front or in a new or existing suburb.

The practical advantages of choosing concrete as a building material.

  • Concrete built constructions have a very solid structure that will last for many decades.
  • Concrete constructions are ideal for tough weather or environmental conditions such as being close to salt water.
  • You’ll never need to worry about termites or rot.
  • Concrete has very efficient natural thermal properties which means you’ll save on heating and cooling.
  • There is less structural deflection, so you’ll get bigger, more spacious rooms.

We can build new single story or double story homes, multi-unit developments, or townhouses. Unlike many of our competitors who offer production line style building packages, we offer a bespoke building service from design right through to the completed structure. We can even assist you with council building approvals, development approvals, and certification. Council required approvals, building certifications and forms. We do most of our work on the Gold Coast so we are familiar with current council laws relating to the building industry.

We guarantee all concrete constructions we build will be passed by local council.

Build in style with concrete constructions

Coleman Constructions and Restorations are experience, professional builders located on the Gold Coast. We specialise in building concrete constructions such as new homes and factories.

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We are a one-stop-shop which means we can offer a flexible package to fit your needs. We can take care of every step in-house with our qualified expert team including a licence draftsman and our trusted trade partners.