A home renovation can be a great alternative to buying a new home

Renovating or adding an extra entertaining area with a deck/patio can add substantial value to your property, increase your social life and take full advantage of the remarkable Gold Coast weather. The cost of buying and selling a property can be very expensive. There are agent fees, conveyancing fees, solicitor fees, advertising fees, bank fees, moving costs and stump duty has doubled in recent years in Queensland. These costs can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars in fees. Instead, you could save these costs and transform your current family home into the perfect dream home you always wanted whilst also increasing the value of your property.

The advantages of a home renovation over purchasing a new home

Aside from the significant costs of buying a house, selling a house and the cost of the move itself, when you buy a new home there will probably still be things you’d like to change about it.

Moving to a new house can mean relocating to a new area which in turn may mean having to move your children to new schools, having to travel longer/further to work, and being further from your social group and/or activities. If you’re generally happy with where you live and want to avoid the cost and disruption of moving, a home renovation could be the perfect choice for you.

Rycol aims to complete your home renovation as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience to you or your family. We believe that your renovating experience should be exciting and stress free. We achieve all of this with a high level of professional communication and co-ordination of our highly skilled licensed tradesman, that turn up on time, are well presented, clean and polite.