Things to consider before building a sloping block home

Things to consider before building a sloping block home | Home Builder Gold Coast | Rycol Construction

Building a home on a sloped block is an attractive option for many people. No wonder, the sloping site is a magnificent chance to create a modishly unique home. However, with that magnificent look, there come some things to consider before building a sloping block home.

The right builder

Before anything else, consider choosing the right builder team who are experts in handling sloping sites. Your builder might have to get creative to fully utilise your land, so choose a builder that can maximise your block’s potential.

The house type

Choose the right house for a sloped block. Flat land is perfect for the slab-on-ground building type, however steep sloping blocks are usually more suited for pole-framed homes. A pole framed home gives you the flat base for your home without too much excavation work. If done properly, a pole-framed hole can look amazing.


While building a house, orientation is the important thing to maintain, but it is even more important on a sloping block. It is obvious that you want to capture the view with big glass windows, but big glass panoramas can expose the home to excess sun in summer and wind in winter. So it is important to build the home in right orientation to enjoy the best of nature.

Drainage Systems

The common problem with this kind of home is the drainage system. If your site slopes down from a road in which the sewer is fairly shallow then you may have to think of using a pumped sewage system.

Don’t worry, with Rycol at the helm we can create your dream home without you needing to worry about the finer details. Let us guide you through building your home on a sloping block, whilst this might be your first time, we’ve been doing it for years.