Home Renovation: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Home Renovation 10 Mistakes to Avoid | Home Builder Gold Coast | Rycol Construction

House renovations are a great way to increase your property value and improve your family’s overall well-being. If you are planning a home renovation, these tips will help you plan and prioritize.

  1. Not having a proper plan

If you don’t have any proper planning for your home renovation, then how will you know where to start and where you are going? Make a proper plan before undertaking any renovation work. Check out some scrapbooks and share it with your designer, then talk to a good contractor before you draft up sketches.

  1. Setting a low budget

Setting a budget isn’t as easy as applying the amount you want to spend, it takes time and research. If you’ve done the step above properly and planned exactly what you want, it’s now time to do a costing and make sure you have the funds to fulfil the work.

  1. Ignoring the natural style of your home

Try not to ignore the natural style of your home design, unless you are planning to change the whole interior and structure. Try something that blends with the style of your home.

  1. Buying cheap materials

Cutting corners and opting for less expensive materials can be very tempting while renovating your house.  But you should be very strategic about what elements you choose to replace with the less expensive ones.

  1. Buying before measuring

Always measure up before buying. Things may appear bigger or smaller in the showroom, and the only way to ensure everything fits is to have all the measurements of your home to hand.

  1. Ignoring contractors background

Don’t be forget to research potential contractors and check experience levels, testimonials, warranties. This might give you a better idea of the quality of their work.

  1. Forgetting about the outside

Home renovation projects should not only focus on the interior of your home, giving your home’s exterior a little refresh can give a great first impression and add value to your home.

  1. Starting in a rush

Don’t start spending money on materials, supply and labour until you’re totally happy with the plans you have in place.

  1. Expecting everything to go smoothly

Most people have the assumption that things will go smoothly. As the saying goes, “plan for the worst and hope for the best”, and you’ll be prepared.

  1. Trying to go DIY

There are some tasks that are good as DIY projects, like painting walls, moving furniture etc. But there are definitely some other tasks that are better left to professionals; if those are not done properly it can lead to larger, and more costly issues.

These are the 10 steps that requires your full attention. With all these, you can surely achieve your custom home renovation.