Building Rectification

Why you should choose us for building rectification

Rycol has experience in all aspects of commercial construction and concrete construction. We can handle building rectification such as the replacement of balustrades, sliding doors and windows, waterproofing, rendering and painting, and concrete repair.

Building rectification – Window replacement

One of the main causes of the deterioration of a building is water or moisture getting into the building due to old leaking windows or poor quality out of date installation methods. This eventually leads to a problem known as concrete cancer.

At Rycol we have a thorough understanding of the correct installation method and always adhere to Australian standards to ensure windows are water proofed to a failsafe standard.

Building rectification – Concrete repair

With concrete spalling/cancer becoming a big problem on the Gold Coast we have invested quite of time researching and developing a system of protection and repair of concrete spalling using only the best highest-grade quality materials available to us. Call as today for a free assessment of your building on how to repair and protect it from the harsh elements of the Gold Coast.

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Building rectification – Façade refurbishment

A façade is important because it is represents a building and it is the first impression passers-by or visitors get. We specialise in all the latest architectural building materials to ensure your new façade or refurbishment of your existing façade has a fresh new modern look.

Building rectification – Waterproofing

Water proofing is one of the most important processes of construction and is often over looked. Rycol works with some of the leading waterproofing manufacturers to develop the best system for any one part of construction. We then only use selected certified installers of that manufacturer to apply the product. Finally, we have it inspected and signed off to ensure the waterproofing warranties are signed off by the manufacturer.

Building rectification – Balustrading

Balustrading is often used to make areas safer but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made to be an attractive feature of a building. We can update your balustrading to give your building a new and modern look or to replace damaged or unsightly balustrading. We can work with glass, steel, or concrete to ensure your balustrade is done to Australian standards.

For all your building rectification jobs, anywhere on the Gold Coast, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide a free cost estimation or quote.

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Building Process| Home Builder Gold Coast | Rycol Construction
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