10 Steps to Your Dream Home

10 Steps to Your Dream Home | Home Builder Gold Coast | Rycol Construction

You wish to build your dream house, but don’t know how to begin? It can seem like a daunting task to build a custom home and a complicated one. But when you break it down into a plan to guide you it can seem a little more achievable.

Here are 10 clear steps on what you need to do to reach your dream house.

Start saving

Before you even think of buying a house of your own, start saving money. Saving will prepare you for all the accossicated cost and expenses in building and acquiring a house. Stop dreaming and start saving.


Once you feel that you have saved enough money, try to create a budget so you have a clear understanding of all your costs. Consult professionals like an architect or a civil engineer as they can give you an accurate budget plan.

Find a building plot

Location, location, location. It’s all well and good to have your dream house, but what if its in a bad area? Do some research and talk to your local real estate agents and find the best place to build your home.

Consider your home needs

Consider your lifestyle. What do you do and what do you need in your home in order to live comfortably in it? List down what you what you truly need. This will help you design your dream home.

Find a designer

When you are done with all the above, find a good designer for your custom home.  Make sure to choose someone who understands your requirements.

Create a design

This step would be done by your designer, but of course, you have to be involved in it to check if it suits your taste. After all, it’s your dream home.

Get the blue prints

When you are done with your design, get the blueprints. You will need this blueprint to guide the builders and also to get the building permit from your local council.

Prepare building essentials

As well asblue prints, you will need some more things to build your house, like consent to build, planning permission and other permits as well. Find our exactly what you need in order to be compliant.

Start Building

After completing all the things above, you are ready to build your own home. When the exterior of your house is done, the interior design will be next. Get an interior designer who’s taste you like. Move in and enjoy

Now for the finishing touches. Get your furniture in and start enjoying your new home.

If you’re a little unsure why not call Rycol? With a sterling reputation as a trusted construction companies on the Gold Coast, we can guide you every step of the way. Build your custom home with us.